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ADS-B Exchange ADS-B Exchange
http://global.adsbex...sktop.html invader26 6086 Lør 23 april, 2016 10:59
AirNav system - North Sea AirNav system - North Sea
Radar-billede der feedes af flere kilder. Er centreret omkring nord-søen. Kræver JAVA og VNC. Password: nyhet invader26 4812 Lør 12 april, 2008 19:58
CPH WebTrack CPH WebTrack
CPH WebTrack. 2 timers forsinkelse. invader26 1330 Tirs 30 april, 2013 10:56
S-mode radar placeret i nærheden Aalborg. Dækker det meste at Danmark.
http://www.vhf-onlin...Online.htm invader26 6713 Ons 19 marts, 2008 20:25
Danmark - NAVAID i Esbjerg Danmark - NAVAID i Esbjerg
En radar i det sydvestlige Danmark. Dækker bl.a. Billund Torben 3337 Fre 06 februar, 2009 17:36
Live radarbillede over Sverige og det meste af Danmark JayDeeKay 5797 Lør 08 november, 2008 12:35
Holland Holland Andersen 5055 Fre 18 april, 2008 15:04
Atlas live aircraft tracking invader26 1401 Man 23 juli, 2012 19:47
Live SBS Brisbane, Australia Live SBS Brisbane, Australia invader26 3073 Ons 18 juni, 2008 15:13
Live Schiphol traffic Live Schiphol traffic
Casper is an interactive web application that shows live aircraft movements on a map. It contains options for live traffic, play back, pause and fast forward. An aircraft can be shown with a label and a trail. Casper also supports the visualisation of tracks. The map has zoom and pan features. A specific location can be found on postalcode. Further a list of aircraft can be presented, including detailed information. Casper can be used for the following purposes: Interactive way to inform about noise and aircraft movements Inform stakeholders and communities PR purposes Evaluation of aircraft movements Casper is an dynamic and interactive tool for airports, ANSPs, incident responders, airlines, governments, flying schools and consultants.
http://casper.fronti...zAodPhXzBQ invader26 2830 Lør 18 juli, 2009 18:54
Radar dækkende Spanien invader26 1294 Tors 30 december, 2010 08:10
London Heathrow Air Traffic London Heathrow Air Traffic
London Heathrow Air Traffic
http://www.heathrowc...radar.html invader26 3294 Tors 04 juni, 2009 07:28
openATC openATC
openATC (Open Air Traffic Control) is a worldwide network of ADS-B receiver stations, permitting anyone to see where airplanes were located 5 minutes ago. Look at it as Air Traffic gone Open Source! This system can be used to visualize both in 2D and 3D the flight paths of any flight we ever recorded. Applications range from flight training to air traffic control training, positional awareness for dispatchers and last but not least, the enthusiast that wants to track flights. invader26 3385 Lør 10 maj, 2008 19:19
Planefinder Planefinder
Den mest omfattende Live radar site på nettet. Hamish McTorsk 1229 Fre 10 juni, 2011 03:39
Radarspotters Virtual Radar Support Forum Radarspotters Virtual Radar Support Forum
Radarspotters er en support forum for alle Virtual Radar systemer, med over 2500 aktive medlemmer problemer bliver løst meget hurtig. Jeg må indrømme at Radarspotters er min website...... Hamish McTorsk 1405 Fre 10 juni, 2011 03:45
Dækker det meste af Europa invader26 1691 Lør 02 januar, 2010 17:22
Sverige ( Sverige (
4 S-mode radarer der dækker Stockholm, Göteborg, Svealand og Østersøend øst for Bornholm Torben 3275 Fre 21 marts, 2008 22:13
Sverige ( Sverige (
Tre S-mode radarer der dækker det sydlige Sverige samt CPH. invader26 6464 Ons 19 marts, 2008 20:26
Zurich Zurich
Radar med fede features der dækker Zurich og omegn. invader26 2296 Ons 19 marts, 2008 20:22