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Airport code (IATA 3-letter or ICAO 4-letter) Airport code (IATA 3-letter or ICAO 4-letter)
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Aviation Links Aviation Links
The World's most popular dedicated aviation links site ... over 25,000 aviation links listed
http://www.aviation-links.co.uk/ Joe Belmaati 3177 Lør 23 august, 2008 09:15
British Aviation Preservation Council British Aviation Preservation Council
The first two editions of the NAHR were printed, followed by an electronic edition on disk. Neither of these proved ideal, as the BAPC membership persisted in both collecting and moving aircraft at a rate incompatible with such inflexible formats. In addition, the NAHR soon became regarded as an internal BAPC document rather than a relevant tool to promote the immense historic value of Britain’s aviation heritage, and support the attraction of funding to maintain and develop it. Clearly, the way forward was to develop the NAHR as an illustrated searchable database, accessible to all via the BAPC website, and both easy and cost effective to update. BAPC, as a registered Subject Specialist Network (SSN), was fortunate to secure funding from the Arts Council England to allow this to happen. Searching the Database The database can be searched using a range of criteria or combination of criteria. Hopefully, this will address issues such as whether all Meteors should be ‘Gloster Meteors’ or some are ‘Armstrong Whitworth Meteors’. A drop down menu allows a search to be made for aircraft associated with particular events, such as the Falklands War. Geographical location is listed, rather than museum; e.g. the Newark Air Museum collection is listed under ‘Winthorpe’. Ownership is listed either under museum collection (e.g. Newark Air Museum) or ‘private’. To list the whole database, simply click on “search” with no other criteria selected.
http://www.bapc.org.uk/html/search.php invader26 628 Tors 04 juli, 2013 20:45
Eurocontrol Eurocontrol
NOP - Network Operations Portal
http://www.public.nm...index.html invader26 684 Søn 15 november, 2015 21:21
Forum for flyentusiaster Forum for flyentusiaster
Norsk forum med bilder, radar og acars info.
http://www.atcbox.net/mybbforum hurvert 2784 Tors 19 marts, 2009 15:33
Fox2 Fox2
Engelsk website med masser af flybilleder. PrimĂŚrt militĂŚr og primĂŚrt low level
http://fox2.co.uk Joe Belmaati 4100 Ons 24 februar, 2010 07:46
ICAO - Aircraft Type Designators ICAO - Aircraft Type Designators
ICAO - Aircraft Type Designators
http://www.icao.int/...earch.aspx invader26 6469 Tors 13 november, 2008 19:11
libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft information libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft information
http://www.libhomera.../index.php invader26 9848 Tors 13 november, 2008 19:11
OTT Spotters OTT Spotters
Atlantic Ocean Aircraft Crossing
http://ottspotters.com/ invader26 4017 Ons 21 januar, 2009 18:30
Puget Sound - Boeing Test Flights Puget Sound - Boeing Test Flights
Blog der giver up-to-date info om test-flyvninger og levering fra Boeings flyvepladser Paine Field, Boeing Field & Renton
http://boeing-test-flights.blogspot.com/ SWP 1297 Ons 12 januar, 2011 17:01
SC's Airliner Lists SC's Airliner Lists
Many spreadsheets covering various airliner types and their individual service history.
http://members.chell...types.html invader26 944 Lør 11 december, 2010 16:56
SpottersWiki SpottersWiki
The Ultimate Airport Spotting Guide. This site provides a guide to locations for viewing, spotting, and photographing aircraft at airports worldwide.
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Sun Calc Sun Calc
Find solens position pĂĽ et given tidspunkt, og derved et bedste fotospot.
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The Airline Codes Website The Airline Codes Website
Airline Designator / Code Database Search
http://www.airlineco...search.asp invader26 2567 Lør 23 maj, 2009 07:32